Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Not a smich of temperature!"

I thought I would borrow from It's a Wonderful Life and quote little Janey Bailey to say --- Oliver is fever free!!! It's crazy how something like a fever can effect everyone around it. Poor Oliver was not himself in the least - he was actually snuggly, which is not in his character. This afternoon, after we thought he was better because he was no longer running a temp, he was a little bear instead. Finally tonight we went out for pizza (I've been confined to the house for what feels like forever but has only been four out of the five days this week, aside from running quickly to Bible study for a few hours yesterday..which was also wonderful) and Olives slept on the way there, so when we arrived he was fully energized and ready for action. He was a complete nut at supper. I guess I should brace myself for all of the naughtiness he didn't perform while he was sick, and will now try to make up for. Since we've been home he's been pretty much talking non-stop, zooming all over the place. I tried to get a picture of him being such a tiger, but he wouldn't sit still long enough. His daddy says he's a goose. I say they both are....I sure do love geese.


carol said...

AMEN! Hooray for the little Olive!!!

angie said...

ahh, yes! i'm so glad he's feeling better! isn't it such a blessing that babes are so dang adorable? because otherwise when they act so naughty, it might be harder to keep loving them so much. :) happy day!