Thursday, July 12, 2012

From DC to MN to ZZ

The post we've all been waiting for- the return of my brother and sister-in-law from across the globe!  Well, in recent years they were only in Washington DC, but before that they lived in Turkey.  Eek, that's a loooooong way away.  I love these two and am delighted to report that I've seen them more this summer than I have in the last 6 years they've been married! 
In addition to the excitement of Isaac and Jessica living in the fine state of Minnesota, there's the excitement of the addition to their family!  Baby Girl is due in October and we are thrilled beyond words.
Isaac is a golf course assistant superintendent (I tease him that he's the assistant to the regional manager), so he's up before the sun, works a hard day in the sun, then goes to bed before the sun does.  Poor Son.  [On a side note, I asked someone the other day, "Have you been working like a dog?"  His reply, "I don't know, I've never seen a dog work."  Touche.]  Anyway, I'm trying to tell Brother that he'd better get used to the feeling of utter exhaustion...  Do you think that's jerky of me??  I haven't slept in five years, people...and I'm alive!
After Georgi was born I had pretty intense post partum depression/anxiety, and much of that was the result of dwelling on the idea  of lack of sleep.  It was a dark time for me for reasons other than that, but sleeplessness and the thought of never sleeping again sure magnified the fear.  In the process of getting my head out of this cloud, God spoke to me.  Not in an audible voice, but in the quiet of my spirit.  "I will sustain you.  I made you.  I know how much sleep you need and how much you can live without."  He didn't tell me he would stretch me with that latter part, but when I'm in survival mode I definitely talk to him more.  Was that the idea, God?  Clever.  :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Just Explode!

This post is meant to highlight 2 things: the 4th of July fireworks and the way I style a shelf.
Addressing the real explosion first- Andrew brought the kids and brother Jonny to see the Brainerd fireworks.  In the past it's been a tradition for us to meet extended family at the football field at dusk to hear live music and watch the light show.  This year there was road construction going on around the high school, so the new detonation site was the old city golf course right behind Target.  My dear show-goers reported that  the location wasn't as exciting, but still awe-inspiring.  The grand finale was accentuated by the thrill of tornado sirens screeching in the background!  Oh my, it was quite the storm.  Margot and I were at home getting cozied up in the basement for the night (don't you wish you were a baby sometimes, to not know of the chaos and worry going on around you?  That seems obvious, sheesh.  I mean, I try to remember Who is in control and I know that nothing touches me  that hasn't been sifted through His fingers- praise Jesus!- but there are many times when I wouldn't mind the blissfulness of ignorance.:)) 

 The second subject seems pretty self-explanatory.  I love to put more stuff on a shelf than there's actually room for.  To be borderline defying logic while visually pleasing the eye seems most intriguing, which seems like an adventure which is something I love.  I am a "lusty adventurer" to quote William Wilberforce in Amazing Grace.  Doesn't it seem just daring to load a shelf to and even beyond capacity??  Oh the thrills of a housewife...Ha!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th

Pre-parade Pez.

Margot and Papa T.

Our 4th loving family five.

The kids swimming with Nana and Papa T.

Cooling off after the parade of fire trucks.

"What is this?!"
Winding down the day with some pool time...looks like someone forgot to take their clothes off.
We had a lovely day celebrating our country's independence! 
We planned an adventure to at Itasca State Park with Andrew's parents- biking, swimming, checking out the Mighty Mississippi headwaters- but when the heat index was predicted to be in the 100's after factoring in 80+ percent humidity, we opted to keep the party a little more local (or loco??  Always with this crazy bunch!)  It was just a ten minute drive to the small town of Crosby, MN for a morning parade that consisted of every firetruck within a 50 mile radius, minimum candy (not quite my style, but easier on the kids' teeth.  Blah), and an intermission that lasted long enough for most parade-goers to pack up and start leaving.  Though the word picture doesn't look ideal, I was feeling a tad nostalgic since every childhood Fourth of July memory of mine started right where we sat yesterday- 11:00am next to the army tank in Serpent Lake Park. 
After a refreshing swim, we rallied at our house for brats, 'power' salad (Pinterest, people), and cheesecake.  My mother and little brothers also joined us (my poor dad was doing his line-man duties returning power to some northern Minnesotans who had lost theirs a few days before during one of our many storms we've had this summer.  What a guy my dad is.). 
Contrary to my inner-tugging, I decided to stay home from the fireworks with Margy to get her 8 month old little hindy in bed at a half way decent hour.  Well wouldn't you know it, another storm whipped up and the tornado sirens went off while Andrew and the kiddos and my brother Jonny were watching the light show-- double, fireworks and lightening.  What a creative God!
We ended the day just minutes before July 5th with a family slumber[less] party in the safety of our basement. 
Thank you, Jesus, for spontaneity and freedom-- to be spontaneous or anything else we want to be!