Tuesday, January 29, 2008

my gal sal

sally is one of the funniest people i know. she doesn't let on to this usually..you see her and think she's just some raving beauty who is somehow above the rest (because she's too pretty to be equal). then she starts singing 'from this moment' in a voice so inhumanly hilarious and she makes this face that is so inhumanly scary and scarring, that you become confused and don't know which one is her really -the bomb shell or the bomb. this takes talent. she really does have a killer voice, too..besides the voice that sounds like it may indeed kill you. she's so in love with taking abstract photos of herself you must hide your camera if she's around or you'll find yourself innocently scrolling through your family pics on your camera one day and come across something that could cause a mild heart attack. smart as a whip, pretty as a picture, skinny as a rail is my sister sal.
the other day we discovered that mom's camera has the ability to take continuous shots without having to readjust every time..just a constant stream of clicking. we tested this out at great length and i also became addicted to self-photography..look out! here are some of the highlights of our photo sesh..


moren blog said...

does sally know about this blog? you should probably tell mom to show or something!

angie said...

gaul, she is crazy-pretty, that girl. but i'm sorry to say i don't have much experience with her scary singing voice! the next time i see her, you better believe i'll be asking for a concert. :)

Liz said...

oh angie the singing is hilarious. and she has the guts to go up to semi-random people (like one of the first times anna brought luke around the fam)and belt out this dreadful love song. hopefully she'll oblige you.

angie said...

hahah! i look forward to it. :)