Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oliver: here and now

I hope that no one tires of the main topic of most of my writing..he's just so doggone interesting and active and this is my life now. I couldn't have had a blog pre-Oli, because I wouldn't have wanted to promote boredom. Now there is just an endless story..he's an unlimited resource..

Here is something - my son is a....POINTER!!!! It started with Andrew and I asking him, "Where's the Christmas tree?" It didn't matter where he was, near a Christmas tree or not, that question would prompt him to nothing really. Well, then he started pointing at random people. It's evolved into more of a jab now. He'll get his little finger out there and just start poking at the air. He did it to a lady at church the other day. Quite embarrassing.

Also, Oliver is an'll notice him climbing through a chair in the picture. He's always wanting to get into small spaces, such as under my desk, his crib, the Christmas tree. He once tried to crawl under the pack n play.. I guess the three inches of clearance were not enough for his head.

Most of all, this little dude is a BLESSING. I never would have thought it possible to enjoy all the labor (before and after!) that motherhood brings, but it's just so much fun! I mean, it's exhausting and scary and smelly, too, but all of those things rolled up and tied with love equal the greatest blessing and responsibility I could ever know. Andrew and I acknowledge almost daily how amazing it is that God knows and cares enough for us that we were given the opportunity to experience parenthood. Talk about adventure. We are lusty adventurers.


The Kasper Kin-Da Boards said...

I love all of your pictures, especially this one!
-kim hillier

angie said...

sooo cute, lizzy! and yay for all of you. :) i love hearing all your oli stories.

carol said...

another wonderful post, my dear!

moren blog said...

i love hearing about olives and the rest of you lusty adventurers! and now we have the internet!!!

Liz said...

Happy to hear from Miss Montgomery!
Hope all is well, Sister!

moren blog said...

This picture is so cute. What is it about crazy little boys thinking chairs are jungle gyms? Mitchell would love to join Oliver in a good game of crawling through chairs. Maggie