Thursday, January 24, 2008

Good Old Oli, Anj, and Ann

Well, I really wanted to post an exciting new picture, but my camera is still under the weather and the one I had on loan seems to have fallen into the hands of a certain beautifully wonderful yet crazy teenage girl.. aka Sally. Needless to say, this pic is a little on the old side. (Funny how something that was new a month ago is now considered old ..only when it's a snap of a growing baby..or milk.)

A few words on the world of television... This evening I waisted some time watching TV as Andrew worked late and I'm wondering: How is it that I could possibly have the most channels available to man -not really, but only slightly exaggerated- and there's NOTHING on? Oh, it's not that there's literally nothing on, but it's a crying shame to watch most of the garbage offered. My favorite channel, HGTV, is usually bowling me over with it's creative new ideas, inspiring me to get out there and do something to better the world decoratively speaking. But not tonight.. though my number one show was on earlier, they're finishing the night off with a couple hours of HOUSE HUNTERS!! For those who don't know, this is an alright program, but lacks the zestful before/after affect of an A-1 design show. There's usually a married couple looking to buy a home, so a realtor sets them up with three houses to look at..they use a half hour of my life to show three houses and choose one. This is doing nothing to make me a better person.. creatively, mentally, spiritually, financially. Sickening. I should give a shout out to Divine Design and Color Splash, however. They're always challenging me with their innovative and thought provoking design, using the most brilliant color pallets, textiles, space planning/managing. What style. What class.

But oh the selfishness of me! Here I sit complaining about what's on the tube -and what's not- while even now, at 10:45 at night, my hard-working husband is finishing up his day with a trip to the grocery store. He hasn't even been home from work yet, but he's kindly picking up a few things for me on his way. He didn't act like it was a drag for him, he just called to ask if there was anything else I needed. Wow, what a man. I'm really surprising myself lately with how selfish and self-centered I am..all those terrible hyphenated words that begin with 'self'..self-absorbed being a big one. (I didn't come to this conclusion on my own, but was made more painfully aware of it through an incredible book I'm reading..Strong Women Soft Hearts.) Hopefully instead of becoming more of this, more like myself, I'll start to become more like Jesus. Here's hoping!!..and praying.

I haven't been keeping a steady Blog lately because Anna's been home for about a week and a half now and she's kind of distracting. I'm having a blast with her and wondering what God's thinking having her reside in Dayton OH. I love my sister. It's been so fun having conversations with her now that we're both married adults. She is always so full of wisdom...keeping me on my toes, challenging me and holding me accountable to and reminding me of the high standard Christ has set for living. What a dear. It's a very humbling experience to have your little sister calling you on something..but she always (okay, she's not perfect), does it with such grace. Not only are we able to encourage each other, we also laugh our heads off and argue and laugh some more. She makes me want to be a better person..and isn't that what friends are for?


carol said...

oh wow. ok fine, i'm not leaving.
love, ann

carol said...

you amaze me.

angie said...

oh for sweetness. i love sisters.