Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Celebrating Seven

Oliver turned 7 last month.  Seven!  God blessed us big time when surprising us with this kid.  He's smart (I'm his teacher, so that's miraculous), funny, sensitive, energetic, imaginative, and bossy.  In an effort to harness and channel that bossiness I'm always telling him that our God knew just what He was doing, putting Oliver first in our line up. ;)  But seriously, my prayer is that Andrew and I would help mold him into an amazing leader, protector, and teacher- first to his siblings, then in his friendships, and even in interactions with strangers.

[Baby pictures of the dude here so you can see that Winston is, in fact, a clone.]    

We were a little late to celebrate-- but when we did, we did it real good...

We had an Olympic themed party (my idea...I sort of manipulated him by dramatically telling him the Olympics are only every 4 years.  See ya next year, Ninja Turtles.)  Oliver designed and drew his invitations. 
We (as in mostly me, the controlling mother that I am), did one of our favorite kind of projects -- paper + scissors.  Also glue.  The cake is not so pretty, but I'm we're pleased with the international representation.  Nice work, team Toftness.

Dear Kayla patiently working with the girls to decorate the 9x13 cake.  And dear Nana keeping Marg alive.  Photobomb by my dad's hand.  Also on the menu was Costco's AMAZING pulled pork on Hawaiian rolls, clam dip/potato chips, fruit, and, in honor of the host country, a delicious Russian dish called 'salad Olivier' (aka the best potato salad ever).

See that flag directly behind the US of A?  That's Norway, the country of Andrew's ancestors and half of mine...hence the butter in every other picture.  The national food of Norwegians. 
Birthday boy made a paper chain inspired by the Olympic rings.
New dude with Papa.
Flagrant photobomb by George (who was looking very patriotic, so forgiven for bombing), and Oliver holding up the gift of framed artwork that he drew at Nana and Papa's.  Love!
This picture is after the big outdoor competition, thus the sweat headed Oliver.  Tee from grandma K.

After taking upwards of 857,400 family pictures, this was the closest to turning out.  Winston appears to be in pain or delivering a present to his diaper, so looking very natural. 

Andrew and Oliver made an Olympic obstacle course that kept the partiers plenty warm in the sub-zero temps.
Oliver received a medal... did Uncle Jonny.
Winston was awarded an entirely different kind of medal.  For bravery.  Look how brave he is.