Thursday, January 31, 2008

O Baby

A little photo recap of last year at this time:
Daddy was so excited to have the little fella home!!
Looking like a little hobo in his 'billy blanket' and tons of mismatched clothes.
Monkey suit from Auntie Josie
Auntie Anna and Oliver, both having the time of their lives.

(I thought I would lend some visual relief after I punished everyone with that picture of me in the hospital..I don't know what I was thinking. Someone remind me next time to at least sit up so I don't out do the babe with the chins!)


moren blog said...

Oh Liz, what wonderful pictures. As much as I miss having a cuddly little bundle around the house I do not miss the stuff like the billy bed being in our house and I am also really enjoying my sleep. I can't believe what those little boys (okay...not so little boys) put us through a year ago and to think we would do it again without thinking twice. ~Maggie~

moren blog said...

that picture of you and andrew with your brandnew babe is precious! i love it! i also love all of these new ones!
love, anna

angie said...

he was SUCH a dollie! still is. :)