Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring things

Long time no blog, eh?  Here's a peek into this spring with the Toftnesses:

Here is my beautiful sister, Anna G.  Last month Winnie and I flew to Utah to visit her and her family- our wings were so tired when we got there (angel wings, obv).  Two pieces of good news regarding the sweet Gaalswyks: they're having a BABY GIRL IN JULY.  Also, two weeks after my trip out there, they found out Anna's husband Luke could voluntarily leave the Air Force early (now vs. August), and they're back in Minnie after 7 years away-- just like that!  So much to celebrate!
Andrew & co. (aka Traditional Cabinetry), have been busy building the cabinets for a lake cabin.  This is the kitchen after install, before appliances and clean up.  Hopefully we will get on the ball and put some finished photos up on the website (we're tech-savvy-nots).  There are also a couple of sweet benches and bath vanities to photograph.
A little look at what's going on in Winston's nursery.  It's not complete, but dear little Pooh is still in his mini crib in the LR, so he doesn't even know he has a bedroom all his own.  Shhhh.

Most of the treasures in his hutch are found items from around the farm.  An airplane hood ornament from a car, a pile of play cars, a mini pipe (was Almonzo smoking, or what?!  Farmer boys, sheesh.), a wooden spool, marbles, tiny dishes, horseshoes...a sound machine.  J/k, I found that at Bed Bath and Beyond.

The art is a duet painting Oliver and George did for baby brother before he was born. 
The 4 horsemen today.  
Oliver took these pictures of Win this morning- I can't get over how lovely the light was!