Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello my name is: stranger

Oh. My. Word. Now coming to you live from- my new phone! Still no computer here at 14852 (hopefully that will soon follow), but with my handy dandy space phone I can access my blog. Can I get a woot!

Since my last post- nearly a year ago!- a few things have changed in our family. As in-- I had a baby. Yay! Sweet little Margot Meg came in a fast and furious fashion on October 22, 2011.

The day's events, taken from my journal:
Saturday, October 22, 2011
8am- wake up, annoyed I'm still pregnant
9am- breakfast
10-11am- Andrew works on MTB trail with Oliver while I prep the house laundry for [dreaming of] having a baby. Bruce + Bonnie here.
12pm- lunch
1-2pm- Megan comes over to keep me company/commiserate with me (Mike broke up with her last week. What a JERK).
3pm- take a Tbs. of castor oil, walk the driveway, poop. [sorry about that last part]
4:30pm- [after working in the garden] first HARD contraction.
5:30pm- arrive @ hospital after leaving the kids with B + B.
6:30- resting comfortably with epidural.
7:45- feeling need to push intensify.
8:00pm- dr. has room prepped, I push.
8:02- we welcome MARGOT MEG TOFTNESS :)

She's a regular peach...uh, do most peaches cry a lot? This one does. But there's still that fuzzy sweetness. We're all crazy about her. This does not exclude Georgi, who loves to beep M's nose, poke her eyes, and burp her head. Yikes. I spend a lot of my hours each day just protecting the poor little lamb from her foxy sister. I won't lie and say it's all strawberries and sunshine, but we have our happy moments in the midst of chaos. :) I'm thankful for God's daily grace.

That's all for now...and probably for a while. This little hand gadget is a bit frustrating to navigate with its small smudged screen and touch-keys. I'm just thrilled to not have allowed an entire year to slip away without record. Eleven months sounds so much better.

And p. s. I can't figure out how to post a picture. Margot's really cute, so imagine a cute baby while you're waiting for my PC.