Thursday, May 30, 2013

An affair to remember

As promised, I forgot my camera!  Lucky for me, my dear mother doesn't leave home without hers.  She's also a league above me in the actual picture taking department.  Like I'm on the farm team, and she's the 2004 Minnesota Twins.  

Enough nonsense.

The weather was fare, the guests were beautiful, the wedding party was stunning, the bride and groom were radiant.  Feast your eyes on the blessed event.

My cousins (Megan and Josie), and I designed all flower arrangements (including bouquets).  We created and curated all center pieces (absolute dream come true for all 3 of us!), Andrew and I made the chalkboard sign, and the rest of the beauty was homespun by the bride and groom's family.

This picture doesn't even capture the magnitude of this tent.  And the glory of all that bunting!

'Peter + Claire's Toasting Wine'

Garden roses.

Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorites, however- I've never watched a chef make me a custom omelette.  Dreamy.

The reception was at the groom's grandmother's *glorious* farm, necessitating a portable toilet.  Have you ever seen one quite so cute?! 

This is the lovely Claire, awaiting her grand entrance with her father.

Peter and his dear, dear family.

The drinks were outrageous.  Rhubarb punch, anyone?

Josie (left), is a powerhouse- both in brains and creativity.  It looks like I'm going to eat the camera, but that's only because I was truly that excited.  Everything went so swimmingly.


Monday, May 20, 2013

What up

Our spring months have been spent playing in the snow, puddles, snow, and puddles.  Among a few other things.

Margot has said goodbye to her baby days of bottle drinking.  The funny thing I'm realizing, is that Oliver (first born) was nursed until he was precisely one year old, and then weened entirely.  You know, like you're supposed to?  Spoiler alert- third baby gets some slack-parenting perks.

Comedy category: the year G was born we had skunks and cats living in our garage/unwelcomed-animal guest house.  The other day Oliver asked, "Remember when our garage smelled like, peanut butter and toots?"  Um, no bud, but that's one of the funniest combinations/descriptions of smell EVER.

In more recent news- as in this morning- Marg tried to bite Oliver's head, which ended up being a double whammy when her bubble gum got stuck in his freshly barbered hair.  I thought surely I was going to have to shave the poor kid bald, but hurrah for peanut butter (minus the toots)!  After a good shampoo to remove the peanut grease, he's ship shape. 
Oliver and his cousins, summer 2010, a month after he shaved his own head to the skin. 

Although summer's acting all shy by hiding around the corner instead of making a full appearance, I've seized every fair weather opportunity for garage saling.  I'm amping up my lamp and light fixture collection, so if there's a need out there for a well lit room- contact me.  My cousin Megan and I took George out for coffee and garage/estate shopping for her birthday.  As a result of G showing everyone her 3 fingers (and her nickle) everywhere we went, a group of strangers at a sale sang happy birthday to her.  Perfect fun!
Adorned in birthday dress and jewelry, carrying her puppy purse stocked with a nickle, Skittles, and a makeup brush.

Besides treasure hunting and keeping the little persons alive, I've also been preparing for the social event of the season- the wedding of two beautiful people, at a beautiful farm, next *beautiful* weekend.  Pictures will tell the story...if I remember my camera.

And you know Andrew's busy being the man of the year.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Georgianna Lynn, my almost-3-year-old little person, is (besides an indian/jungle-dweller):

  • a care giver.  Anytime someone is crying, she immediately goes in search of their blankie...even if she caused the tears. 
  • over the 'perpetual bedhead' phase (most days).
  • in L-O-V-E with the color pink.  The other day we were doing some yard work and she looked at the house and said, "I don't like my house."  I thought she meant she'd rather be at grandma's or nana's.  "I don't like my house.  It white.  I want it be pink."   Interesting.
  • FINALLY wearing her big girl panties and not wrecking them within the first few minutes, if you know what I mean.
  • so helpful in the kitchen...and the laundry room...and bathroom.  Regular Cinderellie.
  • one tough cookie.  Although we were cautioned at Costco about fingers being smashed while riding under the cart, a couple days later G put her little pointer right under the cart wheel at Target while the 3 stooges were shopping with Andrew (see?).  She came out with one less fingernail, but sports her daily band aid like a badge.
  • a charismatic pray-er.  You can expect your food to be luke-warm by the time she's through praying at a meal, with all the thank yous and requests she has for 'her Jesus' (yes, she claims him).
  • mature (?) enough to play with Oliver for .275 seconds before he yells 'MOOOOOOOMMMMMM!'
  • into playing tea party with Margs.  Another short-lived activity.  But seriously a moment of peaceful play is a moment without whining or pulling on mom's legs, and I live for those precious moments.
  • our squishy mini munchkin who makes us crazy (mostly good crazy). 

She's a gift.