Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer Livin' & Lovin' - in pictures

Here's the photo gallery  from yesterday's post:

the fire of '14

An attempt at capturing the severity of the heat...my brother Jonny's bedroom ceiling melted away.
Just the beginning of tearing this beautiful home apart.  Sheetrock, studs, cabinetry, the newly completed fireplace (except the brick)- all gone, food for a massive dumpster.

Alas, new rafters!  The beginning of the glorious end.
The 4 year fete of little Gg.
Happy 4th year to this theatrical little lady!

Stooges in hats.


Steve + Emma = 1

Not a great picture, but a great moment- Mr. & Mrs. Johnson!

the BIG 3-0

My brother-in-law had training in Red Wing, so their fam was renting an old mansion-turned-condo down there.  Strangest purple situation ever, fully furnished with a few sections from a sectional, monkey end tables, fireplaces in every room, and hats.  Of course, it makes sense.

Winnie Bob
Umm, yeah, my head is in the 97th percentile.  Jealous?
Garage/estate/thrift sales & flea markets
Purchased on separate occasions, two wrongs make...
...one right!  
Combining a $5 lamp and a $3 lamp (and replacing the frayed cord), puts this beauty at the top of my favorite lamps in my collection.  That marble table and bamboo-like aged brass?  Mm good.  

From the van, I saw this painting in the yard of an estate sale.  Andrew was going to scope it out, so I told him check on that painting!  He picked it up and the lady said, $3 and it's yours.  SOLD.  I love that '60s frame on the Dragon's Breath wall.
These lockers.  Game changer.  The upper 3 are designated as pantry/message center, the lowers are maxed out housing the outdoor gear of Oliver, Georgi, and Marg.
New painting in our bedroom- a splurge at $9.
A new drawing, too.

This family of elephants is carved from stone, and was picked up at the Wadena flea market.  

Bamboo side table also found in Wadena- $5 I think.

And a piece to complete Winston's crib wall.

Meeting Vivi Jean
Girlfriend, Mommy's blankie, Sakatah Colors knot hat, and one dimple.  Perfection.

Glowing Grandma.  Seriously, is my mother not gorgeous?!

The posse.

The whole family!...and Winston.

Two of the prettiest people I know.

Daph meeting the new girl.
Caitlyin Smith

"Now she knows my name!"