Tuesday, February 12, 2008


If you came to our house, that's something you would most likely hear after being here only a few minutes. I've grown so accustomed to the need for this stern warning, it pretty much just rolls off my tongue with little or no effort and certainly no surprise.
Action that warrants this response? Oliver's new trick of hiding his toys in the heat vents. I knew he was up to something when I heard a lot of banging coming from the other room. Upon arrival I see my boy fiercely whacking things (table, chairs, etc.) with the formerly harmless vent -a turning point in our baby-proofing saga. When we remember, we put a chair leg over the vent (his favorite location being the dining room), but we are only human as it turns out, and often forget the after-dinner drill. Yesterday (being one of the forgetful days) I heard a lot of clamoring coming from the dining room. Hurrying to stop the destruction, I noticed something poking out of the duct work...a drumstick!!!! His toy drumset was being commissioned into the land of lost toys, apparently. There it stood, at attention, one end in the floor. This drumstick should receive a medal for pointing me in the direction of so many other toys that were MIA. After using the drumstick for a fishing pole, I found: a cow, a pirate, a horse. Oliver Isaaacccccc!!!!!!!


carol said...

don't worry, elizabeth, i think he's tired of this trick already.
today when i was babysitting him he took the vent off, looked down the hole, and crawled away...seemed a little bored or something...hmmm...he's just trying to figure out what he could do that would be more destructive, i'm sure.

moren blog said...

ahhhh....you have now idea how much better I feel. I was just talking to my sister-in-law about discipline because I am feeling like what we are doing is pointless. Mitchell Robert is heard alot around our house followed by a little boys giggle or better yet he yells MAGGIE--nope not Mommy or Daddy it is MAGGIE as loud as possible (church included). We don't have problems with the vents but the garbage and his baby monitors are big ones. Thanks for helping to save what is left my sanity:) Maggie

moren blog said...

Hey Liz--I just showed Kevin this post. He just laughed--you helped save his sanity too! Maggie

moren blog said...

this is hilarious!!! i'm laughing out loud! i guess you should have stuck with anna for the middle name (not isaac!) and he would have been an angel. your bad.
love, auntie anna

angie said...

hahahahahaha oh, lizzy. sigh. i'm so glad you have a little monkey to keep you out of trouble. :) i heart him, and all his crazy antics.

Liz said...

Well, glad that I could provide some comic relief for everyone..and solace for Maggie and Kevin:)