Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The loooonggg day

It's actually been a long season.  Not spring (though that's been pretty long and lovely, as well!), but the season our family just came out of- a single engine season.

About a month ago, Andrew's faithful old truck conked out on us.  *sniffle*  Since then we've been looking and test-driving and rationalizing and praying for wisdom.  While waiting for the right vehicle, Andrew needed something hefty for cabinet delivery/tool hauling, so he would borrow his dad's truck or work van.  Other times, when he just had to commute to and from the shop, he rode his good ol' Cannondale road bike or I dropped him off at work or the kids and I were left at home with no wheels.  Well, not NO wheels, there was the wheel barrow, the two lawn mowers, or the fifteen bikes...:)  Needless to say, it's been a humbling experience relying on each other or others for transportation.

But yesterday-- Margs and I went with Anj to the cities to test-drive some cargo vans- yay.  On the way down Andrew got a Charleston Chew and a can of Arizona Tea (two of the longest treats he could find at the gas station), so we started joking about how he was just readying himself for the long van he was going to buy.  After checking out a couple big fat vans north of the cities, but not really feelin' it, we headed south to Savage.  And there she was at MartysAutoMart: an EXTENDED cargo van.  The long day just got longer.  *enter Hallelujah chorus*

Sure, it's the world's biggest block of white on four wheels.  Sure, it's got as many miles as the 626 (together they've banked up a half a million!).  Sure, only 2 of the 4 doors unlock from the outside (Andrew has to crawl in the passenger door or back door if it's locked.  Hehe.)  But it sure was cheap and we sure are grateful to God for ending our lengthy search with such a huge answer to prayer.  Huge.:)

Unrelated to this post, here are a few pictures from last fall to satisfy your photo hunger.  My happy honey with the pumpkins shortly before Margsy was born, and me with the pumpkins on Halloween, 9 days after she was born.


carol said...

YAY!!!!!!!! What a blessing. Let's pray that it goes another 200,000!

angie said...

hey, moxie girl, you are coming down the cities FAR too often without giving me a holler. stop that! come over here!!!
p.s. super glad you found what you and andrew needed. thank god!

Liz said...

Angie, that is SO true. I need to see you!

Unknown said...

praise the Lord!!! thank you for posting pictures:)