Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Just wanted to share the fun things we gave our mothers for their day.

For my mom:

For Bonnie:
It's just me modeling the SWEETEST silverware pendant necklace crafted by my super talented neighbor, Katie. 
Bonnie had given me her mother-in-law's set of silver for Christmas a few years ago when we did a 'thrifting gifting' theme.  I use the regular pieces- knives,forks, spoons- but the goofy little knives and spoons just sit in the drawer.  So I got this idea to have some jewelry made.  I ended up getting 3 pendants - one for Bonnie, Heather, and Andrew's aunt Linda (whose mother was the original owner of the set).  I highly recommend Katie to anyone sitting on heirloom silverware. 
My sweet husband and kids brought me to a local country greenhouse and got me some flowers.  I love those dear hearts more than words can say (my family...though I love the flowers, too:)).


Jill said...

You are such a great gift-giver:)

Unknown said...

YES, she is!