Thursday, March 29, 2012

Margot Meg: here I am!

Look, it's a pumpkin! No it isn't, it's Princess Pukesalot. This dear little girl has a sweet disposition with a sour smell. Sweet and sour sauce. Saucy sissy. Sissy pie. Mag pie. Margs. She's a whole lot of all those things, soaked in a whole lot of love...and puke.:)


Jill said...

Hey Liz!! I'm so glad you're back! You have the sweetest little ones over there- even if they do smell a little sour:)

Can I hire you....your house is just bea.u.ti.ful!!!!

angie said...

well hello, you beautiful little baby! you remind me so much of anna when she was little! how i remember that, i have no idea. but really.
so sorry about the sour tummy. i hope she grows out of that real soon. one can only take that stench for so long. :)

Unknown said...

Angie, that's the best compliment in the history of the world! Elizabeth, kiss her and squeeze her so much for me!

Liz said...

Jill- I would love to come 'fluff up' your house! Josie and I went to Nicole's a couple weeks ago and did that. I brought a few things I had and made one little art project, but the rest was all stuff she already had. We just rearranged and spiffed a little. It was super fun!- and cheap!
That's so funny, Angie!
Anna, you're a dork.