Wednesday, May 9, 2012


News from Margot's 6 month checkup: she's healthy and sweet and smart and...she's smaller than Midge (Georgi) was at her age.  That's remarkable.  Miss Myrtle (she looks like a little peeked-nosed turtle when she smiles big-- Myrtle the Turtle, she's often and affectionately called), is in the first percentile for weight and the fourteenth for height.  C'mon, girl. 
When Georgi dropped below the chart around 7 months, our doctor was concerned.  We even brought the mini me down to Children's hospital for some blood work when she was 9 months old.  We also had a gal from the school district come out to see if G needed any special learning assistance.  She checked out fine in both departments (thank you, Jesus), and now that we have another smidgeon of a babe, Dr. Maucieri has concluded, "You just make [and feed your babies] skim milk."  It doesn't make sense...can't Marg have some of this spare tire hanging over my jeans? 
Alas I will have to be more consistent and persistent with the cereal ordeal.  That's what it is- an ordeal.  Mixing the formula to mix with the cereal to mix with Margot's hair and blanket and Bumbo.  Lucky for her, she's cute.


carol said...

oh my sweet LITTLE Margee..small as Georgi..smaller..unbelievable.

angie said...

ah, yeah, she's beautiful. and a peanut! we must make the same milk, you and i. my kids were always on the tiny end of things too. i think d last measured at the 7th percentile? or was it 4th? either way, one thing is for sure: tiny = CUTE! hehe. what a sweet dolly she is. also, i need to meet her! and i won't be at the olympics (giant WAH!)!!!! what are we going to do about this???

Unknown said...

i love your mini daughters! angie, i won't be there either! can we please have our very own olympics... in salt lake city, ut? kthanks.

Liz said...

Angie, Anna-- NNNNOOOOOOOOOO! Aw rats. We definitely have to have have a get together. And soon!