Friday, April 27, 2012

Come sale away with me, lads!

I'm ba-ack!

Our internet connection conked out on us Monday night, and after talking to numerous technicians over the phone trouble shooting, getting disconnected, and generally confused, our local Century Link tech came out this morning and patched us up.  What a pal.

The internet interruption couldn't have happened at a better time, actually.  The weather Tuesday and Wednesday was like a whole raft of lemons- as in, extraordinary- so we were outside all day both days.  Oliver got a new bike Sunday while we were in the cities for a house-hunt with my brother Isaac (more on that later), so his week was spent cruising through the yard and trail.  Every time he passed me he'd yell, 'I'm in -- gear, Mom!'  Thanks for the updates, bud.

Yesterday the kids, my mom, and I spent the day garage saling through mom's town of Pierz for their annual city-wide garage sale.  I scored some pretty fun stuff, but one of the highlights of the day was trying to stay warm (our lemony weather from the two days prior went literal on us and turned sour ), pushing two baby girls in their prams, keeping a watchful eye on an Olive riding his bike, eating a brat and candy bar in the car amongst our 'treasures' and piling said treasures on top of and underneath us all.  I wish I had a photo of us (maybe one day I'll think of photo journalism as the Kodak moments occur instead of trying to recreate them later...unsuccessfully).  Mom nabbed a couple of cute chairs for her front porch...then we wondered whose small car we would cram them into.  We ended up putting them in mine, but my seat was all the way forward and the back acutely upright for the ten minute drive to my parants'.  I felt like a go kart was a constant, conscious effort to not go 80 mph, since sitting that close to the gas pedal can mess with your depth perception.  Ha!

I took pictures of some of the goods.  Bummer that the stage is my entryway - there's much more charm to photos taken in the midst of action.  Maybe next time.

Two lamp shades, one 5x7 picture frame, a sweet Coach purse ($3!), Finding Forrester, a fabulously patterned sash, two juice glasses, a petite mug, size 4 jelly shoes, a Christmas mug, a magnetic flashlight (magneted onto our vintage refrigerator we converted into a pantry).  Some things I can't resist while garage saling: lamps (or shades, in this case), mugs, juice glasses, and little shoes.  I submit my evidence.  Why hello, Mr. Connery.

Oliver got a red zip up hoodie and some aviators.  He's also modeling Georgi's Caboodle.  That's right.

An attempt to show my new blue earrings.  Fail.  They look like stick-ons, and that's what I like about 'em.

I tried and tried to load this picture straight...I turned it every way.  Bugger.  Gigi and her new jellies, anyway.


carol said...

Oh boy...people will know how really strange we are when they read this, Elizabeth. Who in their right minds (plural) would take three young children out on a day like that and go garage saling?

Unknown said...

i wish i could have been there! your shtuff looks amazing, wiz!

moren blog said...

I was so glad I went Wednesday when the weather was nice. I say you need to come over so we can try out the gas grill I bought and show off our hot new purses. I bought 2--couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted and for $0.75 I didn't think it is worth hurting my brain to think about it too much so I splurged. I LOVE garage sales.

Oh Carol, I don't think you are crazy--I would do it too:) In fact I think we have done it.

kirstyb said...

looks like youve been having fun

angie said...

oh man, what a great adventure and tons of excellent finds! i especially love the photo of olives with the caboodle. i have the exact same one in our basement. HAHA.