Thursday, March 29, 2012


Main floor bath- I have a fondness for emerald green.
Oliver's bed- he has a matching 'friend bed' on the other side of the room. Andrew and I ripped wood out of our barn for the beds and the kids' bathroom vanity. I saw an idea for a roll-up school map in a magazine once, so naturally when I found some maps at a school garage sale I snatched them up. When we moved to our new house- bingo!- one fit Oliver's window perfectly. Providential.
This is the office area at the top of the stairs. I'm thinking of converting it into a little reading nook/guest room with a daybed. Andrew built that sweet desk out of an old industrial ironing board base and an exotic wood called bubinga. How funny is that word? Anyway, this room has the best view in the house.
A verse I wrote over the window on the landing going upstairs. You can catch a glimpse of the makeshift railing on the right there. One of our remaining projects: stairs/railing.
I forgot to mention these pendants in the previous post-- we fashioned them out of a few things we found at Menard's and some other thing Andrew had to buy online.
That's all I've got at the moment. Gigi was sleeping when I was sneaking around taking the pictures, so I'll have to snap some of her room tomorrow. The master bedroom is sort of lacking right now...well, the opposite, actually. It's stuffed to the gills with stuff. Margot is still in there in a mini crib, and all of her gear along with her. When it clears out a little I'll take some pictures. Andrew did a pretty neat closet unit in there. Everything about our house is petite, so we have to create storage...let's just say 'master suite' is not applicable to our bedroom.


angie said...

oh liz, you have such an eye for design! i love the touches you've added to make everything so unique--the map shade, the pictures hanging over ollie's bed, the DIY lights in the kitchen, and OH how i am blown away by your kitchen table. is that another andrew project? you guys are an incredible team. i know this house has been a long time coming. so glad it's coming together (and not apart, as you say!)!

Unknown said...

ooohhh! i just really like it all! i miss your cozy house! can't wait to see it again in june!

Liz said...

Thanks, Angie! The table is not an Andrew project, just an old piece of unused something or other that we found. At the old house I used it for my project making station (desk), and hope to get it back when Andrew does build a table.:)
Our house misses auntie Anna.