Monday, April 16, 2012

Ramblings and Wall Hangings

*I wanted my pictures to be at the end of this post, but I have no patience when it comes to computers and their spacey workings, so here they are. Oh, I also wanted them in reverse order. Sheesh.
I've been thinking for a while now that my house needs some tweaking. You know after you've lived in a space for a while and it just becomes boring to you? Or you feel it has more potential than you're giving it credit for? That's what's going on here. My cousin Megan was over last night, so I presented my design dilemma to her. (She's an artistic genius.) Together we concluded it was time to take action.
I've been wanting a photo gallery somewhere in the house for a while, so that idea is what sort of sparked the whole discontent feeling that was eeking its way into the rest of my vignettes. Because, of course, I then created this movement- a cycle through every room that I draw from in order to create this new idea. Or I could just leave well enough alone. And be bored to death every time I go into the living room...or up the stairs...or down the hall...or into the bedroom. You see, it's actually a good problem- being tired of the way things are. I'm always a bit hesitant at first because I get sort of attached to my old pairings and pillow cases. But when I finish a new arrangement- like truly finish it to the point of sweet satisfaction- it energizes me to do more, move more, make more. I want to turn the rest of my house upside down, instead of just needing to because I made so many holes that now need to be filled with something new.
Last week at Bible study when we were talking about the armor of God, the lesson notes said, "Actually, the easy life is empty, boring, frustrating, unsatisfying, fruitless, and meaningless; it is contrary to the essential character God planned for us. God created us with the desire to meet and overcome obstacles, to enjoy the fruit of success after toil, and to feel the thrill of adventure in full confidence that He is with us and will lead us to Him." (Bible Study Fellowship, Lesson 26, Acts of the Apostles) So that's where that desire comes from! God doesn't want us to be discontent, but eager-- to be more, do better, make things more lovely. Applicable in all of life, don't you think?


Unknown said...

love this post! it's so awesome how full/good life can be when we don't settle for what's easiest. God created us with so much potential.

Jill said...

Beautiful. Words and pictures. And you, of course:)

angie said...

awesome, liz. i love everything that's happening here. it reminds me that i simply MUST print photos in differing sizes! it looks amazing. and i love the quote at the end. what wonderful sentiment.