Friday, September 19, 2008


I've been doctoring for many ailments since an end of June migraine that had me incapacitated, propped up in a hospital bed mumbling something about amnesia.
What's ailing me? My stomach, my head, my neck, my mouth, my mind. As a result, I've had an x-ray, a CT scan, an MRI/MRA, and an ultrasound. (I should be beaming with radio activity by now.) It was thought by the medical community that I may have gall stones. Great. This, following the kidney stones last year, and the overweight-with-high-blood-pressure the year before (hey, it was during pregnancy!). I am the oldest living 24 year old.
Anyway, it was a surprising relief to be diagnosed with a young person's illness - turns out Andrew and Oliver have been the beneficiaries of too many smooches from me - I have the 'kissing disease.'
O Mono, leave me alone; why must you drone on and on?


angie said...

oh little liz! you poor lamb. i'll pray for a quick recovery. i hope the knowing of it will help you heal!
thank goodness you don't have a baby or aren't in the process of moving or anything right now, too. that could really make things tough.

moren blog said...

oh jeepers. i wish i could be there to help things so badly! i hope you feel well soon!
love, anna

Jolene said...

O Liz! :( I'm so sorry. I'm glad they figured out what it is - at least now it will be easier to mend knowing that it's nothing even more severe. Not that this, in and of itself, isn't bad enough. Praying for a speedy recovery.

Jill said...

Oh Liz...I hope you're feeling better real soon!!!

Liz said...

Thanks everyone - you're all too sweet! Wanna come over for a movie night slumber party? Pride & Prejudice, popcorn and pillow talk. The perfect prescription for a hasty recovery! Rejuvinating indeed.:)