Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Georgi, with hands in her pockets, obediently following her big brother Oliver, who was graciously teaching her about planting. Okay, so that's what I imagine is going on...but experience tells me otherwise... Heaven only knows what these two are capable of.
Babies Roro (Roman), and Gogo (Margot), enjoying a little cousin time.
I learned a tricky little way to edit my photos -- look out picture world! I feel like I should be able to upload them faster, but the fact that I can get them up here at all is a minor miracle, so...
I still haven't finished my house tour, I know. I've got a lot on my plate, as they say. Mainly trying to raise these three kidlets without messing them up. It's crazy- being a mom. I feel foolish for taking my own precious mother for granted all these years. I have 3 kids, which is only .5 more than the national average, but so often it feels like 5000 more. NO ONE TOLD ME IT WAS GOING TO BE THIS HARD! And the 'wife of noble character...whose children arise and call her blessed' probably doesn't yell. Oh dear. It gets me overwhelmed. My life is over and whelming. UNTIL I consider Ephesians 6, which we studied this week in our women's Bible study. Paul is telling the Ephesians to put on the armor of God. Though my house sometimes sounds or looks like a physical war zone, Paul is actually talking about a spiritual war. Our armor should include the helmet of salvation, the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the sword of the spirit, and shoes that are the readiness of the gospel of peace. Now, in my pre-class studying, I messed that last one up. The readiness of the gospel of peace is referring to our own peace. Not being a peaceable person, but having peace in your heart knowing that the gospel- the good news- is true. And in embracing that peace you're telling Jesus, 'I trust you. Thank you that your promises are true, that you have my best in mind. Thanks for having a plan for my kids.' I hope I remember this!


angie said...

oh liz, i should print this out and hang it in every room of my house. i'm still one kid behind you and i am constantly wondering how i will be the only person to have cause of death listed as "motherhood." don't get me wrong--i feel bountifully blessed with my two, but there are plenty of moments when it feels much too much for me. i wish the faith i have in god always came through easily. i pity party way too easily.
here's an idea: i'll pray for you if you pray for me. :) heck, i'll pray for you anyway!
love ya, cuz.

Liz said...

Angie- you're on. Two moms praying for eachother. Sounds like the best idea ever. Love you too!