Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I just got these smart looking dishes at a thrift store. I used them at my Habitat for Humanity luncheon table. I guess this picture seems to be actually showcasing the summer kitchen through the window.
I forgot to note the fixture in G's room. It's original to our little 1920's farmhouse, though i spray painted it and rewired it (with a little coaching from Andrew). The nursery rhyme figurines are a mobile that doesn't stand a chance against its owner (not me! The George-meister!), so I jimmied it onto the light.
Another stoic piece- a wing back chair in like-new condition from a garage sale. I gave it a sense of humor by painting the dark wood legs a peppy yellow. It rooms with Oliver, and the family piles on it every night to read our excitingly brilliant children's Bible.
Oliver's verse.
So these are just a few things I wanted to give special attention to.


moren blog said...

Oh Liz, your house is so beautiful. I really need you to come work some magic with mine. We moved in without really doing anything to it now I want to make it more "ours." Maggie

Liz said...

Oh Maggie! That's one of my favorite things- making someone's space their own. I would love to see your place! Let me know when!!