Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Title Transfer

So I've never really loved the name of my would even be a bit strong.  'Our Little Family'?  It sounds lame.  It sounds boring.  I would rather not give the duty of first impression-making to such ninny words dubbed lame and boring.  I just thought once I had committed to a title I should stick with it, ride it out, make do.  my opinion has changed, as will the first words you see when you visit here.
And the nominees are:
Must Have Moxie
Living With Moxie
For the Love of Moxie
(Can you tell what my favorite word is?  My cousin Angie just reminded me.  Thanks, Ang.:))
- I also love all things timeless, so wondering how I can incorporate that aspect into the title?  Traditional, classic, classy...all good words, just not sure how to mix them.
What are your thoughts?  Ideas that I haven't thought of (which is quite possible since I just thought of this like a minute ago and am already posting about it.  Should I have slept on it?)?


angie said...

never sleep on it. just blog it. :) i LOVE "Must Have Moxie." I think it's perfect for you blog.
And whoa, lookie there. I suddenly started capitalizing my letters.

Liz said...

Hahaha! You've changed, Angie. Thanks for the input, obviously your opinion is my heart's desire.

angie said...

you rule. :) love the new title/header. also, have i mentioned lately HOW GLAD i am that you have internet again??? how did i survive without you?

Liz said...

Angie. Even though I tell you you're sweet all the time, I mean it just as whole-heartedly every single time.
Do you really think the header is okay? It seems a bit intrusive...

Liz said...

And P. S., how do I get this whole blog to not be so WIDE?! It's driving me mad.

angie said...

oh dear, a technical question. i THINK if you resize your photo from the header to be smaller, that will fix the width of the blog. it is a bit maddening because it'll look different on every single computer you see it on. try the smaller photo, though. that should fix most of it. :)

Unknown said...

yay! you blogged! i love it when you blog! love the new header, the butter dish, and the new profile (or whatever it's called) picture of your pretty face.

carol said...

LOVE all of it..always. every time.