Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home Tour: Gigi Edition

This piece of pressed tin hangs above Georgi's bed. We bought it at a flea market to go over our couch at Little Pine, but I always thought it would be fun in a little girl's bedroom. After I hung it, it seemed a bit serious for my girl George, so I magneted some old family photos to spunk it up a bit. That's my momma's momma in the fishing boat. I never got to meet her, but doesn't she just look like an intriguing beauty? Some day I'll fish with her in heaven...if we're not too busy having coffee and laughing.
No, homegirl is not potty trained yet, thus the changing table mode of the dresser. History behind some of the hangings: the double oval photo frame is from Pottery Barn outlet, the 'M' (for Margot, if she is ever brave enough to enter Georgi's lair), is actually an inverted 'W' that Andrew made while experimenting with personalized Cribbage boards. The large painting of the little girl was a gift from my mother-in-law when I was pregnant with Olives. She was just sure I was having a girl.:) The little African American boy and girl looking up at the sky came from a Little Golden Book About God, just pinned to some burlap and framed in a garage sale find. The white oval-centered frame was also a garage sale number, without glass. I had gotten a different gilded oval frame at a thrift or garage sale, popped a picture from an old book in it, popped that inside the white frame and ta-da! The plate is second hand and the baby sleeping from a local antique shop.
A shelf nearly overflowing with books and other sweet treasures- a Raggedy Ann piggy bank, a Trixie Beldon installation, some hymns of the faith. That bright red book there is one of my favorites- Thank You for so Many Things.
Do you notice the Home Interiors multi-heart shelf to the right of the window? I used to make fun of my mother for it...then I stole it from her, painted it, and topped it with heirloom colored glass dishes and a glass from Pier One.
So there you have it.


angie said...

oh my word, and you never worried that this was TOO MUCH sweetness for one room? i just adore all of it. it's so fun to see how you've paired so many different pieces of art. i adore it. i bet that wee one sleeps swell in her beautiful abode.

Jill said...

Love, Love, Love!! You are amazing, girl!!!

Liz said...

Angie and Jill, you two are a couple of sweet pears. Thanks!:)