Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Margot the Mini

[The content of this post was going to seem incredibly trivial in light of our country's current turmoil.  So I want to acknowledge that I am deeply saddened and praying for these families and our nation through the waves of evil that are pounding on us all.  "And when my heart is overwhelmed, please lead me to the Rock that is higher than I."  Psalm 61:2]

Margot's crib- as in room, not bed...though her bed is also a crib.

A project in the living room and a new curtain inspired this little nursery makeover.  Everything's subject to change around here, so watch it.  The curtain is just tacked up with a few sewing pins right now, due to lack of curtain rod due to lack of window trim for mounting such an apparatus.  Also, you might notice the pattern is sideways...umm, yeah.  It's one of two gigantic panels from Ikea, hung horizontally.  I need to cut it in half and make a second panel (my brother has the other biggy in his daughter's nursery, fyi).  I love the sweet, old-fashioned floral with the graphic rug!

This bad boy was formerly in the living room.  If only we could have gotten a video of Andrew and I transporting it up the stairs, around tight corners, and here to rest.  It was the opposite of awesome.  But totally worth the hernia!  I love it in her room.  I repainted it right on the spot- Benjamin Moore's Barren Plain, with the exception of the back, which is BM's Atrium White.

Oh- there's the little gnome now!

Bobsie twins, Mother Goose, Beatrix Potter, Trixie Belden, mice, cookie cutters, glitter-eared sheep, a sound machine.

I popped a few pink messy-dots (??) on Margot's once wicked-boring lamp shade.  I want to grab some ribbon to trim it out next time I'm at JoAnn's

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annag said...

ask Margot if she would like a roommate, please. thanks.
-auntie anna