Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh sweet child of mine.

Kids say (and do) the darnedest things.

Melting snow and thawing ground are teaming up to create endless puddles for endless enjoyment here at the farm.  Before supper tonight, Oliver peeked his head in from outside and declared, "I'm just gonna go play in my favorite puddle real quick, then I'll be in."  Sentimental little dude.

Georgi had a real spiritual moment today while looking at the butter that was about to go on her banana bread.  "I love this butter.  It's my best friend.  Forever."  Proud mommy.

Miss Margot...oh the trouble she got into today!  After she unwrapped and sampled G's dirty diaper, I airlifted her to the bath.  But don't worry, I didn't stunt all her fun- she did get to pee on the floor en route.  Magically, that puddle didn't get stepped in.  I'm calling it a victory. 

So, who thinks it's a good thing I prayed for patience with my children this morning before they tried me?...though I could've used approximately 2.5 tons more.


Unknown said...

oh me, oh my! your kids and the way you write about them! so rich!

angie said...

oh LORD. and all in one day! I hope you are well acquainted with boxed wine. it's bigger. cheers!
p.s. gigi and I must be soul mates, because MY best friend is butter, too!