Wednesday, May 7, 2008

O William

My dear Mr. Pahlmann has done it again! I was reading this morning, wanting someone else to share in my joy and entertainment. Please do.
After he talks about the unnecessary frills of formal decorating (i. e. forbidden passage to parlors and guest rooms), he then cautions against being too careless with the casual side:
"I cannot refrain from interpolating here that I think casualness can be carried too far. The overstressing of easy living has resulted in some houses I have had the misfortune to visit being scarcely distinguishable from a pigsty. I think it is a mistake to reduce surroundings, in favor of casualness or easy living or anything else, to such a low common denominator that there is no pride or dignity left.
"Children who are brought up in such houses will have to learn about order and respect for property somewhere else. A certain amount of discipline is necessary in life. A child who is reared in a concrete cell, with furnishings he can and does take the hammer or the hose to, has every opportunity of becoming a barbarian. I am aware that I may be treading on the toes of progressive theorists in child psychology, but I base my contentions on horse sense."
It cracks me up! He tells the truth with such sarcastic flair, wearing his passionate conviction on his sleeve. I'm only on chapter 4 of 34, so I can't wait to see the next of many revelations I'll receive from my new friend.


moren blog said...

william is the bomb diggity. i love it. thanks for sharing, and keep sharing! fab.
love, anna

angie said...

this guy is the best. :) love it!

Liz said...

Thanks for sharing in my enthusiasm, girls!

jeshua said...

who would've ever thunk?...and coming from a man! amazing!...i guess i need to quit letting my kids take hammer and hose to the house, huh?

jeshua said...

that was mom. i just didn't feel like changing user accounts after i typed my comment. i'd lose everything.

Jolene said...

this guy IS the best. keep it coming because i find these words inspiring and it make me want to try harder at home! seriously.