Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Georgianna Lynn, my almost-3-year-old little person, is (besides an indian/jungle-dweller):

  • a care giver.  Anytime someone is crying, she immediately goes in search of their blankie...even if she caused the tears. 
  • over the 'perpetual bedhead' phase (most days).
  • in L-O-V-E with the color pink.  The other day we were doing some yard work and she looked at the house and said, "I don't like my house."  I thought she meant she'd rather be at grandma's or nana's.  "I don't like my house.  It white.  I want it be pink."   Interesting.
  • FINALLY wearing her big girl panties and not wrecking them within the first few minutes, if you know what I mean.
  • so helpful in the kitchen...and the laundry room...and bathroom.  Regular Cinderellie.
  • one tough cookie.  Although we were cautioned at Costco about fingers being smashed while riding under the cart, a couple days later G put her little pointer right under the cart wheel at Target while the 3 stooges were shopping with Andrew (see?).  She came out with one less fingernail, but sports her daily band aid like a badge.
  • a charismatic pray-er.  You can expect your food to be luke-warm by the time she's through praying at a meal, with all the thank yous and requests she has for 'her Jesus' (yes, she claims him).
  • mature (?) enough to play with Oliver for .275 seconds before he yells 'MOOOOOOOMMMMMM!'
  • into playing tea party with Margs.  Another short-lived activity.  But seriously a moment of peaceful play is a moment without whining or pulling on mom's legs, and I live for those precious moments.
  • our squishy mini munchkin who makes us crazy (mostly good crazy). 

She's a gift.


annag said...

oooohh, this little girl. i just love her so much! thank you Jesus for Georgianna.
-auntie anna

angie said...

I couldn't love this any more. what a spunky sweet pea!

carol said...

Gigi is the sweetest little gift! Such a blessing! Thank You, Jesus!