Friday, October 1, 2010


*This is a redeeming photo hoping to set your heart aflutter before you read this post*

As we strive to raise the smartest, God-fearing, respectful children (not to mention most attractive), we are finding ourselves suppressing chuckles and hiding grins and pure shock at the things our son comes up with.

1. "Grandma, where are all the frickin' airplanes?" This was during a trip Oliver and Mom took to the airport this spring when Isaac came home for a visit. The rest of the conversation...
Grandma: *shock* We don't say 'frickin',' Bud.
Olives: Mommy says it. [I do not. I say freaken. There's a difference...isn't there?]
Grandma: Maybe we could say 'funny' instead.
Later on...Oliver: Look at those funny airplanes. *Pause* Hey, Grandma! I didn't say 'frickin'!'

2. Andrew had cut the top off a milk jug to scoop the dog food. Oliver found it and a toad, and put the toad in the jug. He brought it in the house, but promptly went back outside as I shooed the two of them out- boy and his toad. I told him he probably shouldn't pick it up because they pee on you. I know that's a dumb thing to tell a little guy - to not touch something gross - but I couldn't help it. My mommy instinct came out and I said something that couldn't be obeyed. Sorry. Anyway, a little while later Oliver shows his daddy the toad...on the end of a stick. He had shishkabobbed it. "I like it so much, and I didn't want it to get out, so I killed it."

3. While staying at Mom and Dad's, Oliver took a bathroom break, during which my brothers, Jess and Jonny, had a little scuffle. Jonny was just complaining to Mom about how Jess (who weighs upwards of 75 pounds more than little Jon), was pounding on him, when Oliver walks out of the bathroom and says, "You're a pansy, Jonny."

4. Again, at Mom and Dad's...
*Oliver drawing at the kitchen table*
Jonny: You pickin' up the Legos, Oliver?
Olives: Does it LOOK like I'm picking up the Legos?

So how do you think we're doing with our parenting? Oh brother.


Anna said...

lol!!! he is such a punk! i love him. you're a doing great job.
love, auntie anna

Liz said...

He just whispered in my ear, "mom, next day I want to go to Africa. *pause* What does that mean?"

moren blog said...

very good! I think that is just 3 year old boys. We are still trying to figure out why God doesn't put warning labels on them. Maggie

angie said...

you know, liz, since most of these "naughty" things happened at your parents' house ... well, i'm just saying. maybe someone's making up stories. :)
p.s. i love him. what a hoot!

carol said...

these stories are 100% true, angie.
you spend an hour or two with him and you'll know what i mean.

angie said...

HA! well i didn't expect to be called out, carol! by the way, quinn is practically asking for chocolate by name every day now. thanks a lot. :)

carol said...

well, i do what i can, far as the chocolate, i mean. quinn and i have a special bond that only some people can understand.

LD said...

Liz, I love your Olive stories, wait til you have two bringing toads in, yes.. girls do that too. Well at least our Elise does. :))
Africa, hey... Well that is a good place for boys.. LOL
hugs sweet Lizzie... Lynnie