Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The place we call home...

Almost everything made of wood in my house was crafted by my dear husband (besides the old garage sale and flea market finds). The irony? All the building was done while going to school for cabinetry, and now that he's a hard working professional, he spends all time and energy creating for paying customers. What the heck?! Example: whenever I see a cunning little shelf or any piece made of wood that I could put to use, I tell Andrew I want to buy it. He comes back with, "I can make that, don't buy it!" What do I say? "Prove it." Apparently I don't pay him enough... So you see, it would be easier for you to get a new piece than it would be for me.

These are for you, Jolene. I'll get some outside photos when we've got some vegetation. Right now it's looking quite homely.

Oli's bedroom.
Also the Olive's room. I wrote a verse on the wall, but it's pretty light... "I am like an Olive tree, thriving in the house of God." Psalm 54:8
Our room. Andrew built all the furniture for a school project. Hard to really see what's going on here...
This is kind of a rough shot of the living room...but I was trying to fit as much as possible in one picture. Impossibly ridiculous.

As you can see, I pretty much put anything to use I find laying around. Half a dining room table? Sure, I'll screw it to the wall (it actually was whole, I had Anj take it apart. He's so patient with me!). I am teased tirelessly for having empty frames on the wall, but I say they make enough of a statement on their own, they don't need pictures (plus they're a wacky size that's not so accommodating). I just got new white curtains for the bedroom, which I'm pleasantly surprised about. I like them and didn't know I would. I also reupholstered the living room chairs two summers ago, so good thing you can only see half of one. Not my finest work, but it was a fun learning experience. I fashioned some pillows and a quilt for Oliver's room, too. O my cousin Kelly and aunt Hopper would be severely disappointed if ever they got a close view of anything I sew. Ever heard of winging it? That's my motto when I'm at my machine. My pictures of the family and guest rooms wouldn't fit in this post, plus Oliver scurried into those pictures and started tearing things apart while I was snapping the shot. Good grief.
Anyway, our home in a few pics and a lot of words.
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moren blog said...

i miss your home so badly. i loved seeing the pictures!
good idea, Jolene!
love, anna

angie said...

i love this, lizzy! what a beautiful home you have created for your family. also, hilariously enough, your living room colors are pretty similar to what dave and i have been debating for our new place! HA! great minds, right? it's nice to see them working together, though.
seriously, your creativity is amazing and so beautiful! thanks for sharing.

Jolene said...


I think I'm officially scared to put pics of my place up now. LOL! I will start working on it though.

Anna - do you have a blog yet? Do you think you'd want to participate in the virtual tour? :)

Angie - you should too - you could do before and after pics of your new house!!

Just some ideas.

Liz - thanks so much - this was SO fun to see. It's truly beautiful and it looks like an amazing little nook in the world to call Home.

Liz said...

Oh, Jo, I'm sure your home is very lovely - it's home. I'm excited to see it! Thankfully the camera only captures so much and the blog only fits so much, so ther's not a lot of sprucing needed...only aim and shoot just so, avoiding the mess on the table or laundry coming out of the closet (advice from personal experience here).:) And yes, Anna and Angie should participate. Let's see 'em, girls!

angie said...

alright, i'll see what i can do!