Saturday, December 14, 2013

An ode to the versatility of a cardboard box

We've had an astronomical number of refrigerator sized boxes in our basement for a while.  When Oliver asked Anj to bring some boxes home from work, the man took it pretty seriously.  Olives used  them for forts and drawing boards for a few weeks, but then they got folded and stacked and that's how they've been.  

I hadn't cut anything with scissors in about 24 hours (which is a long time for me), and had an idea.  I sketched some letters, employed my cutters, and here's a new life for the boxes.  Talk about sustainability. This cardboard just keeps on giving.   

I wanted to amp up the glam that naturally radiates from corrugated cardboard by brushing on some gold acrylic paint.  Turns out all I had was silver, which was basically transparent or otherwise dirty looking.  Whatever.  I punched 3 holes wherever it seemed to make sense to attach the letters, then threaded some fine wire through.  The 'A' looks like it's ready to jump rope or something exciting.  

And now I'm off to calmly make Christmas cookies with two little girls.  Heaven help me.

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angie said...

i'm sensing a theme ... and a possible book title: "lizzy t and her magical scissors" :)