Friday, April 25, 2008

O Spring, where art thou?

Yesterday I remembered that my Country Home magazine should be coming in the mail any day now, so I've been keeping one eye on the mailbox as I wait expectantly. This afternoon I noticed it was a wet mess outside as I considered the trek to the end of the driveway (at least 50 yds round trip!), so I donned a rain jacket and set sail. I didn't realize that the chill of winter was also making a temporary, yet determined comeback, and was nearly a popsicle when I finally (yes, added drama) got back inside - safe, sound, and slightly soggy.
Here's the thing: even though I don't exactly relish the regression of our current weather pattern, I've also made the brilliant discovery that -- it's God's weather. It's God's earth. He's in control. Not that I didn't know that before, but I'm trying to remain conscious of it - especially when it's oh so un-balmy outside. Hopefully now that I'm so enlightened I won't complain about the rain and cold. If someone openly criticized my artwork I would be very sad. God hears everything we say, so it's an insult to the artist when we gripe about the elements. As I continue to pray for warm, cheery weather, I will contentedly bask in the glory of God's creativity...or at least try.

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carol said...

o.k., i'll just rest on God's promise that He works all things together for good. even end of april snowstorms.