Monday, April 7, 2008

holy ba

The other night my little pumpkin said 'ba' in his sleep. Twice. It means ball, not to be confused with 'baa' (what the sheepy says). Oliver loves balls and he won't let me forget it. He could spot something round (no pun intended) anywhere we go, think it's a ball, then animatedly say the word over and over and over. You should see him at Jess and Jonny's basketball games... Yes, he's a little sports fanatic at this young age. When we watch the Twins he sits attentively, clapping at all the right times. I'm convinced he'll be a star athlete - the next Joe Mauer. Though, judging by the size of his parents, he'll probably be a basketball mvp.

1 comment:

carol said...

and when you take him to a walmart or target...and he sees a ball or anything round, he says ba 500 times before you leave the store.
it's really quite something.