Thursday, February 7, 2008

Glorious day!

Today I did 2 of my favorite things:
1) painting, and
2) spending a significant amount of time with my boy, Anj.
I started a painting project for some dear friends. They let me use my creativity to help choose colors for what ended up being basically their entire house. Could a more divine opportunity come my way? I love the design process...
I began all by myself, but after a day of intense and lonely wall coloring, my dear husband came to my rescue (yes, again). Andrew helped me for the duration, which ended up being 3 1/2 days of painting hard. The result? Magnificent. Ah, the satisfaction of finishing a task. A task that warms and cheers.
And now Andrew is also addicted to the transformation of a room by way of color (the transformation doesn't end with just paint, snowballs into new furniture and art and arrangement, as our friends will soon discover. But that's another fantastic and never-ending story...). Anyway, this boy is so enamored by the sport that he went out today and bought so much painting gear and gizmos we could outfit a whole fleat of paint-crazed crazies. It is pretty exhilerating to see how much life, warmth and energy a new hugh can offer... especially knowing it was you who came up with the scheme. And it's so fun to have Anj join me in my element. We both just kept saying how much fun it was to paint. Together. Oh how wonderful. If only we were in charge of designing and decorating the world... It would be a better place, people.
What a blessing to have such a creative Creator who lets us think we're artistic. Can you imagine designing the universe? Talk about revolutionary.


carol said...

you've said it all so well, elizabeth...can't wait 'til i have some work for you to do...and the Creator lets you think you're creative.

moren blog said...

nicely said, Mom. Kathy just emailed us some pictures of the hard work...AMAZING! luke and i love it! good work team!
love, anna