Wednesday, February 13, 2008


If I were to tell everyone in the world to raise your hand if you don't believe in spankings, Oliver's hand would be among the first to shoot up. Not that he believes they don't exist (he has the experience to prove otherwise), but he doesn't believe in their power or effectiveness. I'm starting to agree...Help??


Jolene said...

I'll be watching this post for other advice from experienced mothers. I'm also frustrated with the lack of results I get from disciplining my kids... grrr.

moren blog said...

Liz--You make me laugh. These two crazy little boys are too much a like. Mitchell is a really good boy most of the time but he just has ideas of his own that I am not sure what he is thinking although I am sure if he could tell us he would have some logics behind all of it. My question is why didn't anyone ever warn me about this part of parenting???? Maggie

carol said...

he's too cute to spank...i guess don't ask this grandma...i'm too wrapped around the little finger.