Monday, February 18, 2008

The Olives

Here's a recent picture of the babe. He's so excited for spring training to start, he asks to wear his Twins hat all the time.
It's so unusual for Oliver to be looking up WITH HIS EYES OPEN in a picture, I just had to post this one. I do take photos of him, people..he just has his daddy's photogenic genetics, therefore is unable to keep his eyes open and have his picture taken at the same time. I just deleted upwards of 200 pics from my camera of Oliver's eyelids or the top of his head.
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angie said...

SO CUTE!!!! btw, dave has the same photo disorder. so frustrating!!!

carol said...

oh, i just want to guish him!!!!!

moren blog said...

that is amazing. i miss him so much.
love, auntie anna