Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Margot Meg

The smallest of the smalls had her 2nd birthday on October 22nd.  The phrase she has coined is, "Me help me."  And she means just that- you don't help me, I'll help me.  Mmhm, and is that how your jammies ended up upside down on your body?  Thought so.

The other day I asked what her name was.  "Mahgo."  Asked who named her that.  "Jogianna Toftness."  Thanks for the cred, pal.

This past weekend we had a little party for Marg.  I was going to do a cute little cow theme (her favorite beast of burden), but used all my mental and physical energies to tear apart some recipes that were sitting dormant on my Pinterest board instead.  The menu: Fried apples (success), bruchetta (not from Pinterest, but  bruchetta is always a success), mozzarella sticks (total flop- someone put hoaky directions in the description of the pin and I followed them.  Stupid.  But the real recipe looks really good.  Lesson: get to the original link before diving into a pool of milk and breadcrumbs.  But you all know that.), creamy mushroom tortellini soup (success for the second time).  And Requisite Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting.  I think foregoing the cow theme for the sake of good food was a good choice.  Good.

Party pictures:

Is there a reason why you're taking my picture?

So much help with gift opening.

So many thank-you hugs.

And stealthy help blowing out candles...

She must not have noticed Oliver's involvement, as she is very pleased with herself.  Me help me.

The frosting on the cupcakes was a butter-creamcheese-sugar trifecta of all that is good.

BFF, Rue.
We are so thankful for our precious little 'Pearl'.  I'm going to follow a trendy trend and say she is so goofy and brings such laughter and joy to our lives, as all parents are saying about their kids.  But this one is the limit.  She is extreme.  Everything she does- playing, goofing, being stubborn.  She NEEDS her two blankies and her Nuk to take a nap, asks me to sing 'A Bible' (Jesus Love Me), as I rock her, must have her milk poured on the side of her cheerios so as not to upset the honey I've drizzled over her morning meal, and above all, she must help herself get dressed.  Andrew and I have been praying for wisdom as we parent this bundle of passion.  There is so muchness about her (something a friend once said about G.  Also true.), and it can be hard to channel that energy in a positive direction.  Sounds new agey.  I just want her zeal to drive her to do great things...which means as I mother her in the daily grind, I need to remember to encourage her instead of stifle her.  I'm tired.  But pleased as punch to train up this person in the way she should go.  Love you Margot Meg.


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Liz said...

Aw thanks, Carol! (I think calling you 'mom' is somewhat self-incriminating, seeing as my dear mother is the only one who commented..hehe)

annag said...

I second what 'mom' said!!! (does that help?:))

Tonya said...

I'll third the great writer....sounds like lots of fun was had in celebrating Margot's birthday!! Yeah for spunk!

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Thanks girls.:)