Monday, October 28, 2013

Reasons why I haven't blogged:

This person--
(Along with her 3 counterparts.)  Baby girl just turned 2 and wow.  'Gusto' is a gross understatement for her enthusiasm over her age and her ability to be the stereotype.

Another reason I haven't been keeping up my blog (like I usually do..oh wait...)-- The wedding of my dear cousin, Megan.
I got to do most of the hair styling for this event-- wow.  It was a stylist's dream come true- the prettiest heads of hair atop the prettiest faces. (every time I caught a glimpse of my own hair in a mirror, it seemed to be an inch wider.  Hm.)

The wedding was at the family farm, and great lengths were taken to transform a pole-shed into the reception hall of dreams.  My cousin Josie handcrafted three of these bottle chandeliers.  They were stunning! And topped with cedar boughs cut from the back 40.  Also drop dead gorgeous-- the drop ceiling of streamers.

Up tomorrow- the living room update!

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