Thursday, May 30, 2013

An affair to remember

As promised, I forgot my camera!  Lucky for me, my dear mother doesn't leave home without hers.  She's also a league above me in the actual picture taking department.  Like I'm on the farm team, and she's the 2004 Minnesota Twins.  

Enough nonsense.

The weather was fare, the guests were beautiful, the wedding party was stunning, the bride and groom were radiant.  Feast your eyes on the blessed event.

My cousins (Megan and Josie), and I designed all flower arrangements (including bouquets).  We created and curated all center pieces (absolute dream come true for all 3 of us!), Andrew and I made the chalkboard sign, and the rest of the beauty was homespun by the bride and groom's family.

This picture doesn't even capture the magnitude of this tent.  And the glory of all that bunting!

'Peter + Claire's Toasting Wine'

Garden roses.

Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorites, however- I've never watched a chef make me a custom omelette.  Dreamy.

The reception was at the groom's grandmother's *glorious* farm, necessitating a portable toilet.  Have you ever seen one quite so cute?! 

This is the lovely Claire, awaiting her grand entrance with her father.

Peter and his dear, dear family.

The drinks were outrageous.  Rhubarb punch, anyone?

Josie (left), is a powerhouse- both in brains and creativity.  It looks like I'm going to eat the camera, but that's only because I was truly that excited.  Everything went so swimmingly.



annag said...

SO amazing elizabeth and team!!! everything and everyone were gorgeous!!!

angie said...

oh my word, INCREDIBLE!!! why didn't I put you in charge of my wedding?!?! jeez. just wonderful.