Saturday, March 9, 2013

Gigi's space.

Oh, these sweet and simple stripes.  Let's just say if you had talked to me during this process (the 3-4 days that I heaved the mattress off the bed, stressed about the children either hurting themselves while jumping on said mattress after a long run down the hallway or just starting their very own 'Color Run', in which everyone ends up covered in the stuff, and me trying to do math in order to make it all come out right), the words sweet and simple would not have entered my mind.  Chaotic about sums it up.  But if I hadn't told you the secret, you never would have known, right?  You would think it was a simple project that could easily be done in a day.  And the result would be sweet.  Well, hopefully the second part is right...and now I just revealed my secret.  Most of my projects hit the chaos mark before I'm done.  There.  I'd never make a good magician.  Not only can I not fool a chump, I'm so surprised if something actually turns out, I have to tell everyone how frightful the process was.


Jill said...

Cute as always, Liz. You're amazing!

angie said...

SWEET is exactly right! i'm sure it was worth all the effort, judging by how lovely it is, but that's something I won't be discovering for myself, given that I have no patience. :) well done!