Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Q: Why doesn't Georgi nap?

A: She is too big.  She hasn't outgrown nappies, but her Nana bought her some panties.  During naptime she had to try on all seven pairs at once (and separately) and show Betty (her dolly), and probably Merida and Barbie- this is much more important than sleep, people.  G isn't interested in potty training, she's interested in underwear.  Homegirl is almost 3 and has never officially gone anywhere besides her diaper (excluding the myriad of places she left her mark while she was an infant).  There have been a couple "quick!  Get her to the potty!" flukes, but that's just what they were...pure coincidence in which the stars aligned in order for everything to happen in the right order.  I don't have the patience to ask her every 5 minutes if she has to go, nor the patience to clean up a million and one accidents every day.  I realize that patience is a virtue we can ask God for, but I need His grace in far more substantial subjects and measure than potty training.  For example, Gigi spilled her milk twice at breakfast (technically Marg climbed up on the table while I was loading the dishwasher and spilled it for her once).  Do you know what my voice or my face did after that second spill?  Eek.  Earlier today Oliver told me he had thought about playing a game on my phone, but then he imagined what I would look like if he did that without asking, so he decided not to.  I don't know if that's good or bad.  My mad face puts enough fear in my kids to make them do the right thing?  That seems wrong...but it's working for right now.  We're still trying to train the heart instead of the head on our little charges, but when it can, a frightful mad face wins.

A year ago, the babies and the weather looked like this.

This year-- Yes, those are different people.  The weather is also different.


moren blog said...

...because she is related to Owen...and it has something to do with her being the 2nd child...and because there must have been something in the air about the time they were born...but she sure is cute. A bad guy (aka me) came in and stole all of Owen's diapers when he was sleeping one night and that got him potty trained. He was difficult too.

Liz said...

Ha! Nice, Mags!