Thursday, March 22, 2012


Almost forgot-- we recently had our family photographed by a dear, extraordinarily talented friend. You can get a sneak peek at
Also, there are some shots of kitchens that Andrew has done (ours included!), and if you scroll back to December my dear little nephew Theo's mug is on the site, too.


angie said...

alright, should i admit that i said under my breath with EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE of you guys: holy frack, holy frack, holy frack.
seriously, there are not words (apparently) for how GORGEOUS each and every one of you is! i feel like i'm looking at a spread out of real simple or something. just beyond beautiful!
but i need more details--which of the incredible kitchens do you call yours??? WONDERFUL! andrew is so talented. what a gift!
p.s. hi. SO GLAD YOU HAVE A COMPUTER!!!! home tour, please???

Liz said...

Oh Angie. You're the sweetest! The kitchen with the green plates is ours! I will post pictures of our house soon-- I was just looking at my archives and marveling at the story the pictures far we've come. The house is still a work in progress, but it's sure getting ridiculously close to finished!

angie said...

oh my GOODNESS. incredible!!! seriously, i know this house has been a long time coming (a labor of love, as they say), but WOW. i am blown away. i cannot wait to see the rest of it. you have such a keen eye for design! beautiful.

moren blog said...

Hey Liz, Nice to see you back in blogland. Your kitchen is so cute. I need to have you come to our house and work some magic. We moved in 7 months ago and I haven't decorated. Your kids is so cute and Mitchell is still talking about Margo at the b-ball game. He wants a baby sister really bad so maybe we can just borrow her for a while???

moren blog said...

sorry...your kids are so cute.