Wednesday, May 21, 2008

William's wisdom & wit

"The home that really impresses everybody is the one that is suitable. A 'knock-'em-dead' interior, which has no bearing on the lives of people who live there, is like wearing an evening dress to lunch. It may be a beautiful dress, but it looks ridiculous at high noon."
No surprise that Pahlmann continues to explain the practical side of creativity in the most entertaining and obvious terms.
About flair:
"Flair is akin to 'taste,' but people who have excellent taste can lack flair, and people can have flair whose taste is open to question. Flair is bred of the imagination - the extra fillip, that something-beyond-the-usual-pattern, which contributes to distinction and raises the individual above the mean average... Flair is something to do with the love of living and the talent for living. But too much of the rambunctious sort can ruin everything."
Thanks, buddy.


Jill said...

can you please put some of your new-found wisdom to work in my house this summer??? thanks.

angie said...

words of wisdom. :) love it.

carol said...

oh william, oh christmas.

Jolene said...

i echo jill's sentiments! you could have your own little toftness decorating tour :)

angie said...

liz!!! i miss your blogging. please come back to us soon.