Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Sunday afternoon

Oliver is signing that he wants more chocolate chip cookies. Who would give their one year old a choc chip cook while in a car seat?!
Our newest baby carting contraption - a baby back seat bike seat. Andrew's old Trek? Now a bicycle built for two.

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moren blog said...

the one of olives and andrew looking at eachother is maybe one of the most magical pictures i have ever seen. oh my goodness, could he love his daddy any more???
all of these are so fun!
love, anna

angie said...

totally and completely perfect. :) olives must have a blast!

moren blog said...

Awesome pics--I forsure wouldn't give my 1 year old a choc chip cookie in the car:) Just kidding--Maggie

Jill said...

we'll have to get together and take the babes biking someday...that sounds like lots of fun!!!

Liz said...

Oh Mags, we should let our one year olds loose together and see what trouble they create.
Jill, yes! a bike ride sounds like fun. I was telling Andrew it would be great to go up to Nisswa on the Paul Bunyan trail...not sure how the kids would last, though.

moren blog said...

hey liz--sounds great. Whose house should we let them destroy? Maggie