Monday, May 12, 2008

It's a date!

Andrew and I actually went on a date the other night! This was the first Oliver-less date since Valentine's Day, so it was pretty exciting. And so much fun! Mom watched the babe, so she took a few pictures of us when we got back to the house.
The first picture is Andrew proposing to me with his ring on my right hand. Very -ahem- special. He could be a photographer with creative ideas like that rolling around in his head. Imagine what else could be up there.
Next we have a shot of the two of us again, this time Andrew's cooperating. It's a moment where I'd say, 'take a picture,' because it doesn't happen often...but since it is a picture, we're very fortunate that it is in fact documented.
We obviously couldn't take many snaps without getting Oliver involved. Here is another crazy Kodak moment where the three of us all have our eyes open and real smiles on our faces.
Oliver was looking so darn great in this picture, but this time - I must confess - I was looking quite ridiculous. Thank goodness for the ability to crop.
I don't remember if I wrote about our glorious Valentine meal at the Black & White in Little Falls, but that's where we went for our Friday night date as well. We were not disappointed -- the best steak I've ever had, plus bread pudding that was TDF (to die for, Mom).
The romantic evening left me feeling so blessed to have Andrew as my husband. I get to go through life with my best friend by my side. In the busyness of life it's so easy to get distracted by my own selfishness, forgetting God's design. But in the garden of Eden, at the very beginning, He took a rib from Adam and created Eve, symbolizing that we're dependant on each other- incomplete without the other. I pray that I would never lose sight of that significance.

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moren blog said...

these pictures are incred!!! you guys are so cute. jeepers. reading this post was a very refreshing study break for me. thank you. i can't wait to see your face in 3 days!!!
love, anna

angie said...

aww what a nice date! for real, god bless moms who take little tots. it sounds wonderful, and i'm so glad you have the pics!! adorable.

Liz said...

Thanks for the 'spell check,' Mom! Still teaching me...always. LU2D (love you to death).

Jolene said...

i am so glad you guys got to go out on a date. that's just fantastic. so easy to lose sight of one another in the hubbub of life, otherwise.