Saturday, December 22, 2007

"I'm Too Excited to Sleep!"

Ever seen those commercials for Disney World where the little brother and sister are giggling before bed and the boy tells his parents he's too excited to sleep? Well, that was me this morning at 4:15. I wasn't giggling out loud, but inside I was overjoyed!..we're having Christmas for the Bobby Kasper family at my house today and most of my family will be here. Yes! Anna will be home! I think it was due to this fact that I couldn't sleep in the wee hours of this morning. That and it was almost 80 stinking degrees in our house. We now cater to the sleeping preferences of someone who's just almost one year old. What da heck.
It was sort of fun to be the only one stirring, though, because I got to spend some time really reflecting on Christmas..something I haven't been able to do yet this year it seems. I've been thinking a lot about Mary and what she went through..first of all being told BY AN ANGEL!! that she would be the mother of the Messiah, then traveling when she was about ready to burst (I was about ready to scream and burst about this time last year with little Olives squirming inside, so I sort of get that part..I didn't have to ride on a DONKEY amidst my misery, though, so...). To top all of that off, she's starting to feel serious contractions while they're looking for a place to stay. The place they find to stay? A BARN!! To think of going through the intense pain of labor and delivery while smelling animals and probably lying there in their stink makes me want to cry. I had an epidural and a doctor and a bed and a sanitary place for my baby...and I still cried. So, after all Mary and Joseph went through, here was Jesus. The King of the world, just a BABY. God knew that His Son would be born in the lowliest of places, it wasn't a mistake. He didn't forget to leave a spot for them in the inn..He chose to introduce Jesus in the most humble setting, so that we wouldn't feel dirty or unworthy coming to Him. Does that blow you away?
We're pretty excited here at the Toftness home..about everything about, friends, snow, cookies, cocoa, lights, sweaters, sledding, trees.....but most of all Jesus, who came to save His people from their sin. That's exciting stuff.

Merry Christmas from our family!


moren blog said...

i'm excited too...i'll be there in a little while!

angie said...

yay, lizzy! it sounds like you guys must have had LOTS of fun yesterday. how great to host the whole fam! i hope it was all beautiful. :)

Jolene said...

Beautifully said!

Merry Christmas!!

moren blog said...

Hey Liz, You said this so beautifully. Isn't it amazing how we look at what Mary went through with delivering a child in a barn with no pain medication a whole lot differently then we did before we had children? Sorry you couldn't make it to the Moren Christmas. It would have been so much fun to see all 4 boys born in 2007 together. I am still hoping to meet at your mom's one day.

Talk to you later! Love ya, Maggie

moren blog said...

this is so lovely. i'm not sure why i just read it now. it was very encouraging to me. what a fabulous time of the year.
love, anna