Monday, December 17, 2007

I was just looking back at all the photos I've posted, noticing that Oliver is never smiling.. and although he is quite stoic-faced a lot of the time, it's not all the time. To prove this, I'm adding a snap of him thinking he's funny..or someone's funny, anyway. (Maybe he knows how dorky I look!)

Here's something funny- Andrew helping decorate Christmas cookies! Yowzer..they look a little like they were attacked by the frosting. It was fun to have help, for sure, but you must know if you're going to ask for help, things aren't going to turn out the way you thought they would or should. I'm learning to give up some of my perfectionism and give in to Andrew coming to my rescue.. as he did when I was folding clothes the other day. What a man. The cookies taste just as delish as ever and the clothes are no longer sitting around in baskets. A very good thing, as Martha would say. Oh Martha. Oh Christmas.

I love snow! I love it. I am so thankful that it's going to be a white Christmas. I'm especially excited to have my sister home from OH and able to celebrate in the chill of wintery whiteness..I know Anna loves snow as much as I do. Due to the fact that Oliver's been sick for most of the winter so far, he hasn't experienced what fun it is to be in snow (it's hard to wipe a nose while wearing mittens). Soon we will have a sled, though, and we'll be tearing around the yard, disrupting the landscape. When I was little it was the greatest thing to be the first of all creatures to run through the yard after a snowfall. Oli gets first chance here..besides the squirrel and rabbit population..never mind, the competition's stiff.

Alas, he's awake. This little boy isn't in the Christmas spirit as far as I can tell- he's very against me getting anything done that has to do with the holiday..wrapping, baking.. He does enjoy looking at the tree with me, though, so that's something...


carol said...

what a happy baby!

angie said...

hehehe cute! i'm glad he's smiling at last. :) maybe he'll be even happier when his winter cold is gone!

moren blog said...

from: anna
oh, fabulous! i'm smiling ear to ear after reading this! i think i might have even had a tear...that's not super out of the ordinary, though! thank you so much for bringing the marthas together!
post script: i love Olives.