Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cameras, Boys, and Dogs

Here is a picture my aunt Sylvia took of our family on Thanksgiving. Thanks Sylvie! We also had some Toftness and Kasper family pictures taken that I will post. Pictures are amazing. I'm discovering how much I took my camera for granted now that I can't use it anymore. I guess I didn't know to list it along with my other blessings. Oliver's doing all kinds of crazy things lately that I can't capture.

Yesterday Oli decided to make a complete conversion to real crawling all the time. He's faster than a speeding bullet. Roy Rogers would have dispatched Trigger had he known it was humanly possible to crawl so fast on his own. Olives is very sick right now, too, so I can't imagine the speed at which he'll crawl when he's back running on all four cylinders.

Speaking of which, Hector (the dog) was hit by a car the day after Thanksgiving, and it seems is now on the mend. He may or may not have broken a front leg, we still aren't certain. Since he's been injured we've had him in the house more (I think we feel sorry for him..although I do hope he learned a lesson from this fateful incident as well), he and Oliver are getting to know each other better. This is one of the greatest exchanges to watch..Olives crawling up real slowly, Hector, curious, pokes a quick lick right in Oliver's face, Oliver momentarily retreats, then goes in for more. I think they love each other. They'll be best buds one day.

Well, that's all for now. The boss just woke up so I better not be dallying..there's work to be done! When do I get a nap?


carol said...

dearest darling t.t.
what a cute photo and what a special bond...boy and dog...
i love you.

moren blog said...

so, so sweet. i LOVE reading your blogs! i love you all! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!