Monday, July 6, 2015


Happy summer, one and all!  We've been extraordinarily busy, but I just had to pop in and show all the work Andrew has been getting done in the midst of memory making.  "Family fun time" is what my father-in-law called yard work/home repair when Andrew was growing up, which sounds ironically familiar to me too...such memories. :)

I'm going to slowly share photos instead of scaring you with 3 million like I usually do.

Our bedroom.  It's small.  But I think I've finally tweaked it enough to enjoy it for now.  Andrew will be building a platform bed with drawer storage underneath, along with hutch nightstands to the ceiling on both sides of the bed.  But for now- mismatched nightstands and minimal storage are working together for a more 'eclectic' vibe.

The white and charcoal striped bedding is from Ikea, along with the linen pillow covers.  Pale pink quilt from Target.

Andrew and I teamed up on the curtain and rod, I'll be back tomorrow with a close up.

I do have a garage screw/nail tote mounted to the wall organizing my jewelry.
All photos courtesy of Photograph Social.

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