Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Three Scary Words

DO  IT  YOURSELF.  You can often spot a DIY a mile away.  Just because you can doesn't mean you should is my anthem, because some things should just be left to the professionals.  Pinterest has everyone following 'easy DIY tutorials' only to crush our dreams with a big fat FAIL.  And I'm easily defeated.  "Jack of all trades, master of none" could be tattooed on my body and it would never go out of style for me...it's not just a fleeting trend, it's my life.  That being said, I DIYed my bedroom curtain right down to the rod.  Let me show you.  

Here we have a canvas drop cloth + bits of ribbon, a foam brush + fabric dye, a pencil + ruler, a brass hand rail + brackets.

I followed this example for painting the pattern on the canvas using a 1" foam brush and fabric dye.

Andrew customized this brass RAILING (whaa?!) that he found in one of his catalogs, along with the brackets.

The view from behind- I loosely followed a tutorial for the back pleats (the gal said to use hot glue, which made me nervous, so I sewed the ribbon tabs with my machine), and used some 2" cotton ribbon I had in my wrapping drawer.

As you can see, the curtain is far from blackout, but I'd rather be awake when the sun is anyway, so it's really not a problem.  Andrew may have a different opinion...

I forgot to have my photographer take close ups of the curtain and rod, so my iphone skillz came in handy again.

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